Tancho Images is a full service silk design and manufacturing studio founded by Oregon artist Steven Oshatz. Steven's work has been exhibited internationally to critical acclaim. His creations cover an exceptionally wide range, from major public pieces such as stage designs and murals to sculpture, watercolors, printmaking and works on canvas and silk. In 1983 Steven decided to bring his keen esthetic vision and design skills to the ancient art of applying dye color to silk. In Tancho Images, he saw the opportunity to create beautiful objects that could be utilized in daily life.

During the first three years Steven perfected techniques for painting on silk folding screens. His adoption of the French technique of steam setting dyes in 1986 enabled Tancho to bring the quality of such one-of-a-kind pieces to the production of custom designed silk scarves and ties.


In 1989, artist Penelope Oshatz joined Tancho Images, contributing her expertise in graphic design and illustration to the business. Her collaboration with Steven Oshatz enabled Tancho to expand its design services to include custom work for specialized clients including museums, corporations, wineries, operas, festivals, and cruise lines.

Since their founding in 1983, Tancho Images has been creating innovative designs for scarves, neckties, fabric and fine art prints on silk. Using a variety of pure silk fabrics, Tancho offers custom design and printing for events, organizations and company logos, as well as its own line of unique decorator and gift items.


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